But It Was Aliens is the extraterrestrial comedy podcast which probes real life alien incidents to determine whether these incidents really did involve aliens (or sometimes, the more widely paranormal). Each week, Greybeard and Moonwalker take it in turns to present a case to the other in the hope of convincing humanity that aliens exist (allegedly truthfully), or, making each other laugh.

The podcast begun in March 2020 – Greybeard and Moonwalker have been borderline lifelong friends and for many years wanted to make a podcast but never really had the confidence or capabilities to do so. Until now. Both have an interest in the paranormal but there are many, many paranormal podcasts out there. In exploring the market, there appeared to be a gap for a lighthearted show focusing specifically on real life alleged alien incidents and so, it begun. The plan is to cover every worthwhile extraterrestrial encounter before, one day, branching out in to the wider paranormal on a more frequent basis.